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I'm ridiculously excited to get started on my first superhero costume--I'll be the world's shortest Amazon at 5'7" including heels, though, lol. She easily ties with Black Canary and The Flash as my favorite, though, so here goes :) This is more of an original design, integrating my favorite elements and leaning more toward Hippolyta than Diana.

**Edit: (4/28/12). I'm making a completely new, Jim Lee classic Wonder Woman for a photoshoot coming up soon :) So this costume will be retired since I've discovered new and awesome techniques, a better corset pattern, and better skirt and cape fabric.

[x]Bodice--100% done: I sewed a fully boned and lined lace-up corset out of "Red Chili Pepper" casa satin.

[x]Skirt: 90%-- Fully gathered skirt made of blue casa satin. The stars are actually made of craft foam treated to look like antiqued silver with rhinestones.

[x]Cape: I quickly sewed together her cape for Wonder-Con, and I've completely re-made it since then. It's now a very full short cape made of white glitter casa satin and lined in a shinier royal blue crepe back satin.

[x]Armor: to be made with wonderflex with craft foam and fabric paint detailing and bondo for smoothing things out. Rub 'n buff and gloss varnish for the final coats. I also plan on "mixing things up" a bit and recreating tiny engraved and embossed details from Queen Hippolyta's Wonder Woman armor.

--[x]Bracelets: just need to finish the red stars
--[x]Tiara: 100%--just need to rig up some elastic to hold it in place under the wig.
--[x]Chest armor: After the test run at Wonder Con, I just need to do some minor adjustments and it's ready to go!~
--[x]Belt: 100% complete--I ended up using a combination of veg tan leather and wonderflex with puffy paint detailing. Five pieces in total, and each are contrasting gold or silver and are laced together with brown cord. The back pieces are double reinforced with craft foam and fabric, since they will be keeping the lacing together. *phew* After the test run, I just need to do some touch-ups and all done!~
--[x]Brooch: 100% complete- layered wonderflex with puffy paint detailing. Heavily weathered and sealed with varnish.

[x]Boots: I ordered the official pair from Funtasma.

[x]Wig: I debuted her with my Drizella wig, but fluffed up a bit ala Lynda Carter. I actually ended up liking this wig so much that I will be relaxing the curls even more and getting a new and better wig for Drizella :D

[x]Lasso: 1/4" diameter gold rope from the upholstery section with metallic gold threads intertwined.


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