Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3

My Little Pony



I'm just starting to bring everything together but it's looking pretty good so far. I feel like we might have a winner here.

Another step forward, I got a jambox and some tunes to go along with it.

*Update: I technically debuted this at Anime Punch: Revoluticon but I don't consider that real con and it's not 100% complete in my book. So does that count as a debut? lol Either way I had a great reception with this one. I look forward to having even more pon3 beats for Colossalcon 2012!


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Created 8 years ago
Series My Little Pony
Character Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3


blinkyblues Why thank you. ^^ Yay Colossal was some good times.

anime_grl i saw you at Colossalcon! excellent job!! =)