Heiwajima Shizuo


@Mr. S


My Heiwajima Shizuo.
Hair is mine, bleached and toned.
Glasses are the only part of my cosplay I don't like, I got them at Goodwill. I would have gotten authentic Shizuo glasses but they cost an absurd amount and I don't have that kind of money to blow on glasses.
The label vest is a modern fit J.Ferrar
The belt was bought at beltbuckle.com
The shirt, bow tie, pants, and shoes were from my own wardrobe.
The sign is a blown up image of a beware of body crush sign, printed on a material which name I forgot, that I then cut out and attached to a pvc pipe which I spray painted white several times. The sign is screwed onto the pipe.


@Mr. S
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Series Durarara!!
Character Heiwajima Shizuo


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