Prince Ludwig

Ludwig Kakumei



Another Kaori Yuki character to add to my list. XD I've always wanted to cosplay Ludwig and this is my favorite outfit of his.

I couldn't find a necklace close enough to his so I got crazy and made it myself. Was a bit anal about finding the right beads for the various layers. There are seven of them and it took me 2 days to make. x_x; As I'm not very good with beads. The center bead piece is actually resin that I casted as I couldn't find one the right size/color.

This was also my first successful styling of a wig. I usually have other people do it for me but I decided to do this one myself. The wig originally had no bangs so I had to create them as well as shorten some areas.

Coat, corset, gloves, and pants all made by me.


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Character Prince Ludwig


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