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I made this to go with my Kneesocks and my friends cosplaying bunny suit Panty and Stocking. But due to WCS, Kneesocks didn't happen and I only had one photoshoot with my Panty and Stocking D8
But I still managed to get some decent photos overall. ^0^

The white dress shirt I already had, the wig I also had, the heels and skirt I had.
The vest is lined and I made the bow tie ^0^~
The name tag is actually blank just like the anime hahah weiiird XD
I also made a fake mustache
my horns broke off to go with the tradition of everything failing when I cosplay Scanty.
I finally got to wear contacts in Scanty tho &gt;0<
PAX body paint~

I am really thankful I am not body painted C8 I hate body paint. omg. why does the remover not work on me. D8< Though I did end up using my eye make-up remover which worked really well somehow XDDD

SELLING SCANTY'S WIG ~ contact me if interested 8D


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Character Scanty
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