Ranka Lee

Macross Frontier

This cosplay is 50/50! I had the shorts, and they were really unconfortable so i never really used them, so i glued the white border and dyed the buttons pink! I found the waistcoat on e-bay for like 12 dollars and bought it because my other one was a bit revealing specially sidewise. My friend Leonor help me cut the penguin/cricket tail and i sew it at her house! I did the top hat, ladybug pocket watch, microphone, headband, collar, wrists, music notes, back chain, stockings (even though i'm not happy with those, and need to remake), and the "keyblade?" xD The key is made of wood and clay, dyed 18kl gold acrylic and has tones of lace and ribbons xD so i did mostly everything on this costume and i'm happy! I also contributed by making the top and bottom of the flags, and still not sure how they survived, it was really fragile but we didn't have much money or materials!
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Series Macross Frontier
Character Ranka Lee
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