Fairy Tail



It took me a lot of time to finish this Cosplay.
Mainly because I often lost the motivation during the progress ^^"
But the main point is: I finished it and I'm satisfied :3

Unfortunately I didn't had the time to make Ever's Fan so I had to take one that I had at home ^^"
I hope I can make the fan for future Cons.

I really really like my shoes ^^
Cloud-Dark gifted them to me (because we all know - when you search for one thing you'll never find it until you don't need it anymore ;D)
Wings out of carton and acrylpaint et voilà - Ever's shoes are finished ^^~

Proudly member of the Raijinshuu Tribe!!!!!!

Evergreen - Syreren (me)
Bixlow - Resha (on Animexx.de)
Fried Justine - ViolettaX


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Evergreen


LadyNoa Coool !