Mortal Kombat



PERFORMANCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oisz69mVEUQ&feature=g-upl

Random costume done for a cosplay gathering in Israel.
Didn't have much time left, decided to make another "swimsuit" (how should we call outfits Kombat ladies are wearing? (: )

Though it looks easy, it was hard to do that one.

It was really HOT in Ra'anana park, Israel (around +40, I guess) and I was melting a little bit.
But it was WORTH it.
Will upload some more photos.

Photographers: Nekori Ofir Bendor, Amit Stein

Thanks to Naxel (Nastya Simanovski) for inviting me to the event.

If you like my Mortal Kombat cosplays (Jade and Kitana) please vote: http://cosplayidol.otakuhouse.com/2012/06/europe/lee-tao-kitana-from-mortal-kombat-9/


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Series Mortal Kombat
Character Jade
Variant MK 9


RandyWilde69 This is awesome! Well done

LeeTao Sure! (: Just sign my name somewhere. Could you give me a link?

geekpinata You look AMAZING! Mind if I share this on my blog?