Fumino Serizawa

Mayio Neko Overrun!

Why I made this costume: I really love this anime its fun and cute. Out of all the characters I liked and related to Serizawa the most. Out of the 2 uniforms I picked making the cafe uniform. I really like them both and maybe in the future I will make the school uniform. I loved the colors on the cafe uniform though and the little kitty on the apron! &gt;^.^<

About this costume: I did make the full outfit for this costume. It took me a while to pick out the colors because I wanted to to be perfect and work well together. The apron and skirt were fairly easy for me to make. The shirt took a little longer because I don’t usually make as many shirts. I added the front part of the shirt. So the shirt button in the middle and then I button it again on one side. I made the bows in the wig and added the crosses with a stencil I made.
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Series Mayio Neko Overrun!
Character Fumino Serizawa
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