mbellav as Clare



Claymore armor

Cosplayer: mbellav
Where to start...took about 10 weeks to make these cosplays from start to finish. It involved a lot of work and learning to work with new materials. Armor is made from vacuum formed styrene and the rest is expanded pvc. It is finished with automotive paint.

Swords....total nightmare to make. wood core with rod in the middle, foam board, casting resin, fiberglass, and bondo...a lot of bondo. Hilt pieces are either vacuum formed or lathed. The sword was a bigger challenge than the armor, it is also finished with automotive paint.

Wig....even wig gave me trouble...took 4 very hot water treatment to get it straight and I still need to feather and thin it out but over all happy

Contacts - had to wear the dolly grey eventhough I have mirror silver ones bc I cannot see w the mirror silver

Clothes - made steel bone corset to hold up the heavy skirt (actually two for Teresa as well), made collars, shirts, and ended up buying leggings. Made the silver socks as well from silver spandex.

Any questions on how I made anything let me know check out my dA www.deviantart.marikasan.com or go to http://www.facebook.com/oniichanprops