Nobara Yukinokouji (manga vs anime youkai form)

Inu x Boku SS



Citrin-chan asked me to join her group. as it is an easy outfit and it will be pimped (less sexy + more bling bling) I agreed of joining her group.

Eventually the outcome is a mix between the anime and manga version. (Because it was hard to find some descent anime pictures)

Made in less than 2 weeks (not every afternoon/night and not every 4h each day).

As for the veil 3 different laces and crystal organza were used. Mainly left-overs and because they were most matching with the pictures.

The kimono has received the pale/ice blue stiff inlay and made from white satin fabric.

As for the obi: less than a half a metre purple satin, ~90 cm lila satin ribbon were used. Behind the purple item left over white satin from the kimono and left overs from the blue inlay were used to create the same effect (included blue bow)

Total cost: ~90€ (wig + Swarovski pearls included)

Note: the kimono was was visually based on Japanese kimono's.


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Series Inu x Boku SS
Character Nobara Yukinokouji (manga vs anime youkai form)


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