Purple Butterfly Dress

3-D Art III



This was one of my Final Projects in my 3-D Art III class in highschool. I had to make a dress using only what I could find in the classroom. I made it using muslin, black tempra paint, made my own purple dye (some bits came out blotchy), copper wire, and these weird cotton circles that really like to tear easy. -_- Not quite sure what they are.

The wings in the back stick out with skewers, all the designs were hand painted. The straps were made by linking 3 layered circled with a wire link and so on until there were chains of them all over my desk. Ugh. I had to make each of the copper links by hand TTuTT they were tiring to make after several class periods.

It could've been better but it didnt turn out all that bad seeing as I was working on my paper gown for the same class and 14 cosplays for Fanime at the end of that month.


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