Maka Albarn: Spartoi

Soul Eater



All of the patterns were modified by myself of basic patterns that I found. I wanted a comfortable Jacket that I could take off if the con was too hot. So to make sure the cosplay would work without the jacket, I attached the Fuku and red tie to the button up shirt I wore below. The material of the tie was a bit heavy, so I made it attachable at the corners of collar under the sailor flap. Skirt was probably the easiest part, just a simple pleated skirt.

The scythe was made of sintra, covered in bondo. It was a fun, relatively simple design. There was a moderate amount of elbow grease required, but nothing horrible.

The most expensive part ofthe cosplay was probably the hair - had to get a professional bleach done on it, and haircut (since I wanted to be cautious about the bangs).


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Series Soul Eater
Character Maka Albarn: Spartoi
Variant Spartoi Uniform


Narnian Wonderful Maka cosplay! You did an outstanding job!

LuluHime beautiful costume! I cant wait to see it finished! =D