Budget Cost: 5$
Zipper: 2$
RIT Liquid dye: 3$

(cotton and suiting fabric)

The jacket is recycled from my Winry cosplay. The turtle neck is made from suiting fabric. I did not have enough to make a full undershirt, so everything is made as one piece. The zipper isn't my greatest sew, the ripples sucks. D:

~The belts are made from craft foam. I used acrylic paint and modge podge.

I modified a pair of sports wear pants.

~ The belt was from a bathing suit.

(scrapped chalkboard fabric)

I did a paper pattern first to distinguish the size. The backpack is nonfunctional because I did not have enough time to concentrate on details. The insides are assembled with card board cutouts and newspaper to help maintain its shape.

~The backpack is attached to the back of the shirt with leather straps, which were fed through insertions in the fabric.

Made from giant sketching paper and fabric. The base of the scroll was made with watercolor paper. The decorative pieces on the sides is craft foam and water bottle caps.

The design is my own creation-they were drawn with ink.

I used the same method as the backpack. It is made from craft foam and supported with card board and insulation foam. The sword is also non functioning. The harness is made from craft foam.

(craft foam)

traced over my hands to make this.

reused from Rock Lee copslay.
Difficulty: 2/5

1) I had a lot of trouble getting the jacket to be form fitting.

2) The sword tends to go out at and awkward angle, so I put a lot of time into making it stay put.


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Gummibar Thank you! I had to do some special effects makeup, but I'm glad it's contributing!

Xohmg Excellent Sai!! you got the skin colour perfect :D