Lillet Blan

Grim Grimoire



-I first heard about GrimGrimoire from Balthierflare and loved the colorful art style and magical theme. This costume was decided when I found the perfect fabric for the purple part of her outfit. I later got to cosplay this series with Balthierflare as Margarita.

-Fang Fox Props and Fotos:
-Sarah Nibley Photography:

-The skirt was based off of a Simplicity tutu lining pattern and had French seams and rolled hems to prevent it from fraying. The purple fabric was a Halloween print of flocked moons and stars on a blue/purple mixed satiny background with glitter. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for Lillet.

-The hat and belts were made from vinyl and the jacket from a thin, leather-look material.

-The bootcovers and grimoire cover were made from upholstery velvet.

-The bloomers were made out of cotton and the capelet from poplin with lace and satin ribbon detailing.

-The wig was cut and styled by me


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Series Grim Grimoire
Character Lillet Blan
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arijahn This cosplay was made with the intention of being worn with a group, however depending on how the group goes it will probably be put up for sale eventually.

Hikarunogoluver omg!!!! I love this game! will this possibly be on sale in the future?