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ahh Rydia. oh Rydia. I've wanted to make her since I began cosplaying and waited until I thought I could do it and we all were doing a group!
So I wanted to go crazy with this and make it my own, something that would flatter me and I'd have fun making. I spent a lot of time deciding what to incorporate, which greens to use, and which fabric to use! Here's the description of what I made~

Wig: Two curly emerald wigs, made into one XD One was Jill's old Terra wig, that makes up the fluffy and messy part of the wig XD Then I added two packs of loose dark green extensions, which I divided and braided and then wefted into the wig. I thought the different colors would help to tie it into the greens of the outfit.
Corset: I don't like a lot of commercial corsets, so I patterned one myself. I'd like to make it smaller so it cinches me more, but that's for next time! Steel boned and laces in the back. The sequins and beaded areas were all done by hand. The shell is a strong upholstery fabric, then the outer fabric is an olive taffeta. Both fabrics were given to me. So I basically paid for the boning and casing. Twas nice.
Belt: Same taffeta, laces on the side, with feathers, organza and beads sewn in.
Leg tight things: Cotton jersey (used for Link!) that I dyed in brown to mute a bit to match the rest of the costume. Then stars were added and trim and beads.
Shoes: Black heels, puffy painted raised details. They actually say Rydia of the Mist in runes XDDD Added beads, glitter, trim.
Arm things: Green suede lined in red cotton, decorative stitching, beads, ties at wrist, attached to gold beaded elastic with arm capes. Tulle and organza for arm capes.
Capes: These capes are 5 yards long (so 15 feet XD) and have a beaded closure of pearls and green beads, with extra pearly things on the ends. Then trim at the top where all the capes begin. There is a white sheer under cape to reduce static! XD Then there is a champagne lace cape, green organza cape, sheer gold cape, something I'm forgetting and a white cotton cape, that I painted green zebra stripes on and then outlined in green glitter. Took forever XD

Think that's all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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girlieshoes This is absolutely stunning.

Narnian Gorgeous! You make a stunning Rydia! I love the design and details!