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My general rule with cosplay is that I make sure I can use a wig for more then one character (So spending $50-60 on a wig doesn't feel as stupid) So this is my second costume for my Miku wig. I owned the shorts and shoes before hands. The gloves are my mother's driving gloves (my driving gloves are red so that doesn't really work. make a note to buy my own brown driving gloves). The shirt was the biggest pink shirt I could find with iron on lettering. The purple parts are just cloth I bought cheap and glued together because it didn't feel worth sewing. The belt is an old blue wallet and that was easily attacked on to one of my homemade belts. It was very nice to have something to put money in a such. I did go to a photoshoot but NO ONE POSTED PICTURES! ;A; So these are the only photos I have.


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