Euphemia Li Britannia

Code Geass



t took me a long time to finally cosplay her! I loved her for years now and planned to cosplay her, but I could never find a wig that had the right color! Most euphemia-wigs on ebay are light pink... @[email protected] I can't understand that, cause her hair is pretty dark XD Well... some weeks ago I searched for Euphi
e-wigs again (totally spontaneous) and I actually found a really nice one! it was damn expensive... but I thought " what!!" and clicked on the "buy"-button XD

I like this dress a lot more than all her huge princess-dresses. It was a bit complicated to sew cause of the strange ruffles around her neckline. But with a lot of patience I managed it ;)
The proportions of the dress are a bit different than in the anime, cause the characters have all extremely long limbs °_° if I would have sewn it exactly like the original one, I would have looked like a dwarf in the pics, so I sewed the skirt a bit longer and the corset a bit shorter ;D


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Series Code Geass
Character Euphemia Li Britannia
Variant civilian


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