Pip Bernadotte




I can't rightly remember when we had the idea of a Hellsing group for AN, but I knew it would be the perfect chance for me to finally get around to Pip's full load out.

The Fatigues are the same ones Iv'e always worn along with the hat.

The old wig had become a snot rag so a new one had been ordered from the Five Wits, and its pretty awesome.

As for the tactical gear.
The chest rig, holster, and mag pack are all Condor and came from my local surplus store.
I was unable to locate a proper drop pack up here so TheLetterJay had paid a visit to his surplus store for me and located a Condor MOLLE drop platform and a Voodoo tactical binocular pouch.

The whole load up was pretty damned comfortable to wear and let me carry a whole tone of water around for everyone.


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Series Hellsing
Character Pip Bernadotte
Variant Full Tactical Load out


Ammie The wait for the photo's was totally worth it! I really love the dusk setting. Still the most badass Pip ever to grace the cosplay scene, I think so!