Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



This costume is definitely one of my favourites to date. I ADORE how it came out. So very much.
All sewn/made by me except for the shirt base which was altered.
More detail discussed below.

Construction Info!
- Shirt was a lucky find at a thrift store, and with some modifying by bringing it in at the sides to fit better. I sewed the blue sleeve ribbon on. :)
- Sailor Collar, hat, and bows were all sewn by me using no patterns lol
- Skirt was a simple construction of a Circle Skirt, with ribbon and lace sewn on :P Again no patterns. Just lots of math.
- White Petticoat was sewn by me.
- Stockings sewn by me using old tshirts that I cut apart! :P LOL this was again, no pattern but lots of math.

My Honekoneko (AKA the purple cat) was also made by me and is a FUNCTIONAL PURSE! :D
I found a partial pattern for the head on 4chan one night (I know, 4chan actually being USEFULL?! WHAT IS THIS?!) and the rest came from my imagination including how to make the zipper functional and pouch able to carry my stuff around the con....WINNING

I ordered the wig from Taobao. It was already put together as Stockings actual style. The blue is a little brighter than I would have liked but its still GORGEOUS. :) Though, it tangles really quickly, it untangles really easily, thank GOD!!
Honestly, buy Silicone spray. It will save your life. I carried a little brush around in my Honekoneko and kept it generally tangle free as best as I could.

Contacts are DollyEye Blue made by EOS.

I LOVE this damn show and I LOVED cosplaying from it. :D Has such a solid fan base.


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Series Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Character Stocking
Variant Sailor


Bean Boop Simply gorgeous! I have no words <3 Is this the wig?

Geb_Geb You are ADORABLE! perfect Stocking! :)

bluestbunnie VERY pretty!! Your eyes POP!

debi own! I do not know to buy in taobao u.u bought mine even on ebay! XD comes from China is already in my town only hoping the good will of mail hehehehe More yours is beautiful! Lenses too! The blue DollyEyer think half dark in you was beautiful! I'll buy a turquoise that is smooth, I hope you get well with it!

nicki_013 That's awesome! And do you have contacts on for this? And if so, what kind/style?

mero-chan SO PRETTY <3 i seriously cannot wait to see it finished!!!

debi LOVED the wig!! is ebay?

jukebox Y U SO PURDY