Hetalia: Axis Powers



So this is the first costume i've ever sewn 100% from scratch. And its... pretty atrocious, if i do say so myself.

I only made it because a friend of mine who cosplays Germany never had an Italy to cosplay with her. So, to be the cool friend, i made one myself. I spent about $20 on materials (i used broadcloth) and then $30 on the wig off eBay (using spare change i saved up).

It turned out better than i thought it would... and its not entirely finished (i wear it out despite not having the stars on the back, needing to fix the neck part of the collar, and hemming the bottom of the pants).

Everyone always tells me i'm the cutest Italy ever. But thats just because i don't know how to be Italy... so i revert to telling everyone various items are actually pasta, clinging to Germany, and... things like that XD

More pictures later~!


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Italy


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