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Monster High



My friends and I discovered Monster High at Comic Con, last year, and when investigating further, it became apparent that I had to be the herpderp, comics-loving, rockabilly zombie.

As of this year (2011), my friends and I were able to put together a Monster High cosplay group for Comic Con and my costume has improved nearly a million percent. I now have the red pants, which I added to with black paint in order to make look as...doll accurate as possible. I also painstakingly added red to all of the cherries on my original top shirt, which used to be pink.

In the near future, I hope to be able to find a shorter/smaller cherry top shirt because, as it turns out, I am not a cartoony doll and do not have beautiful, long-torso proportions like my beloved Ghoulia does. Regardless, I am still immensely pleased with how this costume turned out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are here from, having been inspired to look by pictures from the user "Demona" (, I am afraid you've been had. I am not "Demona" from MHD and she is certainly not me, despite having posted a few of my pictures and claimed them as her own! Regardless, thanks for the traffic and all the kind words you shared with her on my work.


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Raven-Roth I love love ur ghoulia!

Devi 1313 Oh my god, you and your group are AMAZING! And your makeup is flawless, I'm jealous!

lissiekun I hope to cosplay Ghoulia one day....she is my absolute favorite! And oyu definitely have the herp-derp face down!

Catzilerella LOVE LOVE LOVE! Lots of love for you! <3 -Catz