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Though I consider myself a devoted Die fan there is one image of Kaoru I've always wanted to cosplay (I can even call it my dream cosplay) - Kaoru from Akuro no Oka PV. And I was eager to make not only the costume and the hat but also a copy of Kaoru's guitar Ganesa.

One of the most difficult parts of the making was search of materials as specific as fake leather with crocodile skin pattern and also black fabric with particular kind of ornament. I visited many shops and markets to find something suitable. Making of guitar was also very difficult because I had to do it very fast to make it to the festival Animatrix 2011 so day or two before the deadline I spent about twelve hours on non-stop craft of this guitar (you can imagine what my hands felt after that).

Though I think that my first performance with this costume is quite good I decided to perform in it again three years later. I left the costume practically unchanged but completely reconstructed and repainted the guitar for my second defile.

Defile video [January 2011]: https://youtu.be/Elc24kq6c6o

Defile video [March 2014]: https://youtu.be/PJoevukV1yk


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Series Dir En Grey
Character Kaoru
Variant Akuro no Oka


Ruka-Hara Bset Kaoru cos♥♥

WARPAINTandUnicorns I don't fallow Dir En Grey but that is one wicked costume. ^_^