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I thought my Gwendolyn armor was tough... this costume even in a dress was taxing. It was the props, oh so many props... I don't suggest this costume as an easy one. Maybe easy to construct, but I relied heavily on my friends to help me with this.

As for what everything was made of, here's a brief explanation:
Gloves/horns: All of these were made out of polymer clay. It's really easy to work with and the best part, it's bake-able.
The horns were attached to wire, and I built a wire under support to ensure that they wouldn't move. Towards the end of being hit by the scythe and me moving, they started to slant forward a lot more, but still held up.
For the claws I sculpted the pieces and glued them onto gloves. I will now always bring extra glue as some of the plates popped off with excessive movement.

Wig: I used an Arda Chibi. I sectioned off the sides to pull them into the curl sections. I will be writing a more detailed instruction later. As for the green tint, I used my Pearl Ex acrylic pigment. I "painted" it on. I sprayed a layer of hair spray, dusted it on, and set the dust with another spritz of hair spray. I'm so happy with how the hair turned out. It was done on a whim. It was subtle enough to get the color that we needed and be true to the character.

Scythe: Is made out of insulation foam, cardboard, spray foam, model magic and many layers of resin. I'm not happy with the staff. It was rushed and I would like to rebuild it again.

Skull: Is made out of cardboard, 100 or so cans of spray foam, model magic to fill holes, 2 buckets of spackle and resin coating. This was my monster living in my basement since February. It was a challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I would redo my design if I knew spray foam would warp in the sun.

Wings: Only show in some of the pictures. They were made out of insulation foam and stacked to create a curved shape. I carved, filed and sanded to make them. They have a layer of resin. I wish I made it out of sturdier material as it snapped in half the first day I wore it.

Dress: I used a gaberdine. I could not find a black fabric with enough body in it. Plus, I knew with my sewing skills I needed something forgiving. I altered a dress pattern to create this.

Feel free to ask me questions!
My partner, Sangochan241, as BRS.


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Kiya pearl ex? What a brilliant idea!

WARPAINTandUnicorns I'll have to remember that the next time i need a highlighter colour on a dark wig that need to be styled flat. ^_^

koi-ishly Thanks for the complements guys =) This costume at times was a struggle, it means a lot.

KnightJeran This is very impressive! Your attention to details is awesome

feevagabonde waow it's not finish and already stunning!