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I knew, from the first preview I saw, that I would fall in love with Tangled. Little did I know just how much more I would love it than expected! After my seeing it one time, it made its way to my top 3 favorite Disney movies and my top 5 favorite movies ever. So, naturally, I had to cosplay someone from it.

After some debating with my sister, it was decided that she would be Rapunzel, and I would be Mother Gothel. Which I totally don't mind. <3

Mother Gothel is such and amazing, creepy, and well-developed character! I am so excited to be her, I only hope I'll do her justice!

This cosplay was homemade- since I couldn't find a fabric that matched the pttern on her dress, I made a stamped and stamped my own pattern! I also made the satchel and the crown (which is made of foam and wire).

I consider this to be unfinished, because I plan on getting a better wig. Honestly I'm not satisfied with it. lol

Rapunzel by Vendieh =)

Also...Mother knows best!


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Alwayzbored You're an amazinnnng Gothel! Wowzers!

seawaterwitch I love mother Gothel too and you cospla as her so perfect and so beautiful too *__*

Naria AH-MAZING!!! You look like you just stepped out of the movie! And all those props you made to go with it - that's such great work! <3 And I love what you did for the fabric... I am speechless (though it may not look like it!)

Narnian Wonderful Gothel! You did so amazingly well!

abbykat0529 Absolutely amazing! You two make a great pair! Could you by any chance tell me where you found the large jewels to go in your crown?

DarkBaroness Holy Hera... you STAMPED that fabric?!? Fabulous work, you look perfect! Here I am like a dope trying to find some kind of obscure brocade :) Don't know that I have that kind of talent - or patience!

shattered_song Your Gothel is...just too perfect!!

juujuu_pop best mother Gothel everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Amazing job!

Adorima That is freaking amazing, what a great baddie M. Gothel you make!

B.o.H. Perfect!!

DMewIchigo WOW. This looks phenomenal, I can't wait to see the finished product! Out of curiousity, what wig did you buy? It's absolutely perfect!

carladawn OMG amazing!! Are you from California?! We need pics together once you finish!!!

Elendriel Can't wait to see the finished product! Hopefully we'll wind up at the same convention some day, especially since I'll have Flynn done in the next few days XD