Kintaro Oe

Golden Boy



I absolutely love Golden Boy. I happen to think it's one of the funniest animes' of all time. I figured I'd take Otakon 2010 to the old school when I came up with an idea back in February of 2010 to get an entire group together. Fast forward to Otakon that year, and we had success. Such a blast to do this character and I have the greatest friends to cosplay it with me.

Shirt was a basic black t-shirt I bought and then painted with the necessary symbols and colors, and the gloves were an old pair of biking gloves I had lying around that I painted the correct shades. Everything else was stuff I had lying around or bought. Gotta love those types of costumes.


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Series Golden Boy
Character Kintaro Oe


Shigatsu Oh my I love this show so much <3 you did a great job seeing your cosplay is very educational.