Aerith Gainsborough (Dead)

Final Fantasy VII



Right this is a quick cosplay @@, my mai fell through and i needed a quick cosplay!!! Unfortunatly i don't have time to make sephiroths sword that goes through her stomach, but i will do that for my version 2. This is for sunday of expo, im so upset about mai, but ohhh well what can i do.

The apperence im looking for is literally, what aerith would look like after coming out of the water she was buried in, so messed up hair. . . zombie make up, dead plants growing on me, blood wound in stomach. yeah you get the picture

Aerith has a really cute and young face in art, so while doing dead aerith, i tried to keep that in my costume, sort of trying to look cute, by failing due to being dead XD! <3

Costume by Me (Jacket was borrowed from letmelive as mine is in the making <3)
Wig by me Yes immense mat, leaves and the ivy on this costume is all real not fake XD
Make up by Nightmarewings. 2 hours and 30 minutes was spent doing my make up the sunday morning of expo. Paints brought by me, and make up done by her, she did an epic job!!!
Staff ivy was stuck to staff so really simple and then blooded up some bandages.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough (Dead)
Variant Dead


PsychoLove Yay more love to dead aerith =)