Flying Mint Bunny

Hetalia: Axis Powers



I wanted some pics of Flying Mint Bunny cosplayers in lolita versions, but I couldn't find any. So I decided to do the cosplay myself! &gt;o<

I also love Nekotalia and carry a plushie of England-cat with this cosplay. (My Americat should be done soon.)

Premiering this cosplay at Anime Expo 2011 proved more daunting than I realized, when the Hetalia gathering forum decided to make a gathering for each day of the con. 0.0 Being a summer con, I wanted a fresh cosplay for each of the 4 days, and tried to make 4 lolita variations of FMB.

The first version is similar to a Victorian riding coat. It should have a collar at the neck, to coincide with the research, but I ran out of time. This proved fortunate, because the weather really was too hot for a neck collar. I always wanted a double-breasted coat with tails. ^-^

The second version was supposed to be another double-breasted coat with tails, but I wanted to try a button configuration that didn't draw attention to my tummy. So I tried an asymmetrical button line, and did away with the rounded collar from the original design.

At ALA2012, versions 1-2 were revised with a fuller skirt, petticoat, and partial-sleeves.

Versions 3 and 4 are both printed fabrics with floral/leafy motifs. They both use the same vest pattern and skirt length (that hits the knee).


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