Sanzo Genjyo




Starting way back in 2010 and finally finished in 2015. It's nice to have him done! His shirt was the easiest thing to make and the most difficult due to the tedious detail was the scroll. I had attempted to learn as much as I could to do proper calligraphy but alas, it was not my forte. I hand drew each symbol, bought some detail brushes (the ones you use for RC racing, at Hobby Lobby) and filled them in. The drawing of the symbols took 8x longer than the final step. ^^; Sanzo's scroll has the whole Heart Sutra on it. Well I couldnt get but 1/6th of the entire thing but I'm satisfied with my hard work.
As with all my cosplays I learn something brand spanking new. Making a proper robe, more patterning adventures and trying not to break my hand with the scroll symbols. Funniest moment in this cosplay? I wore makeup for him to intentionally look tired/irritated and those that wanted a photo claimed I 'looked too tired' and they didnt want to disturb me. I swear it was just the makeup. ^^; I have to TRY to do an irritated look because naturally I smile alot at a con.

Wig styled in 6 hours straight and by Khiorii ; Bought at ebay store 2aplus2
Robe in 1.5 hrs Muslin, Sleeves completely customized according to my references
Bought items: Flip flops, & socks to modify

Photos by ConFreaks & Geeks, Juntsu Photography and JouninK Photography


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Character Sanzo Genjyo


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