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This is my first original design based off a song from Tri-Destiny called Dragon Wine. The group is three females who sing a soprano harmony which is very etherial and surprisingly beautiful. They love to sing from the male point of view. I needed an awsome costume for World Con's costume contest so, I decided to do a costume based off of this song. Here are the lyrics so you can see the inspiration for it.

Dragon Wine

(Deep male voice spoken)
I remember the flames


I remember the flames;
The way the wood smoke breathed your name
And it just stopped me right there:
The autumn leaves, your auburn hair.
Reminding me of the time, I tried Dragon Wine

And then I felt your hand.
It was warm and soft like medowland
And as your fingers touched my skin,
Oh, I could swear I heard a mandolin
Like I did the only time I tried Dragon Wine
Oh, Lady your love's like Dragon Wine.
It burns like a fire of magic down my spine.
Oh I will wake in the morning out of my mind.
Cause, Lady, your love's like Dragon Wine.

There's more but this gives you the basic idea. ;)

The costume I wanted to be like an elegant medevil lady. I used Mccall's #3681 pattern for this. I had originaly bought the patern as a possible Sleeping Beauty esque wedding dress for the future. (no prospects just needed an excuse to buy it (;) I found a beautiful black with red roses brocade material for the outer skirt, outer sleeve, and a couple bodice sections. I picked a red satin to go with it. I wanted the juxtuposition of the dark and light to properly portray the suductive undertones in the song. I found a red and gold trim for the skirt which looked like flames. I also used red and amber colored beads for the bodice. It was the first time I had ever sewn beads on something. The trim on the neckline is a red and gold twisted rope. Sadly we used a fusable interfacing on the bodice and it came out all wrinkly and stuff. :(

The wig I purchased for it's beautiful auborn color. I used a barrette to keep the natural sweep to the wig. The barrette I made using the left over beads from the bodice. It was the first time I tried something like this and I am very happy with it.

The jewlery was purchased as were the shoes (which you can't see).

The goblet I found at the Renaissance Festival for a steal. It is real crystal and everything and it didn't break the bank. :D I put some of the left over red material inside to look like wine. Most cons frown on liquids on stage and I didn't want to take a chance of spilling on the dress either. I may, at some point take a pick with read liquid in it. (I don't drink so it would be a wine substitute)

I had a lot of fun in this and when I was on stage at World Con, my own aunt and cousin said you couldn't tell how old I was just that I exuded an air of sophistication. :D
@Aurora's Heart
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Character Dragon Wine Lady

Aurora's Heart Thank you very much. It was a labor of love. :D

Red Destiny Wow! This costume is absolutely gorgeous! :O I applaude thee