The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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I wanted my Malon to look more like Renaissance-style clothing than just a costume, so I used costume patterns from commercial Renaissance Festival outfits. The designs on the skirt are strips of cotton (left over from Luna) that I sewed down in the square patterns. The blouse designs are painted on with Tulip Soft paint (I made a drawing of the design, placed it under the fabric, traced the shapes, and carefully painted it in). The designs on the apron are also painted on by hand.

Everyone seems surprised by the Bowser brooch - I got so many questions about "why did you add a Bowser to the costume?" when it's in the official artwork and character models for the game! The brooch is made from Sculpey clay, and then painted with gold spray paint. I think he looks a bit like Bowser Jr. or Baby Bowser, but considering he's supposed to be kind of chibi, I suppose that works!

The belt buckle is made from fun foam with a few coats of resin over it for durability. The resin removes the foam-like texture, yet still allows flexibility. The belt was a length of leather-like trim from JoAnns.

Malon has always been a favorite character of mine. Even though she's an NPC and not vital to the storyline, I always liked her character a lot. I've had this costume on my list since 2008, so I'm glad I finally got to put this together!

I wanted something cute and holiday-themed for Yulecon. So I put together a few new accessories including a Hylian apron and Lon Lon patterned scarf. I think it turned out really cute! :)


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Narnian CUTE!!!! I love it!

Thearah THIS IS SO CUTE! It looks fantastic!