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This is a deceptively difficult costume...but I love it.

Starting from top to bottom, the wig is from the Zephyr line. It is "Random" in White. It fit my head a little tightly, but it did indeed fit. The flower in my hair is fabric and posterboard and a bobby pin! :)

The scarf is made from an old ugly black dress I had in my closet. It was my thrifty way of using fabric. It will be made over so that it is a more accurate length.

The shirt was made straight from a men's Simplicity pattern. I only modified the breast pocket a little. The patch was made with fabric paper!

The skirt and tie were of course made with the same fabric. I drafted the pattern for the tie and modified a cheerleader skirt pattern for the skirt. I made it accurately short, which means possible flashing if I don't wear the proper under attire. XD I searched and searched and SEARCHED for a more accurate plaid, and all my searching always lead to flannel...the closest I could get in plain cotton is what you see here. I will still actively search for that perfect purple plaid (try saying that five times fast!).

The sweater was probably the most time-consuming part of the cosplay. I knit it completely myself from a cardigan pattern online. I knew it was the only way I would get a sweater with the most accurate colors. 50+ hours later, I will think really hard before I knit a piece like that again.

The stockings are a bit of Frankenstein work. I cut off the tops of a pair of thigh highs I had previously and sewed them onto the tops of these thigh highs I bought online. It was a surprising success. The legwarmers were also bought online.

The gloves originally had fingers. I simply cut them off. I worry that they will run in the future, so I will replace them with fingerless gloves soon.

**update**The sword was remade and no longer looks like what it does in the original pictures. It includes a sheath and the sheath includes all the cute little baubles (foxtail, chibi characters, kanji character)

The costume was successfully debuted at Ichibancon!


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xSpringSmiles oh, wow. I have no idea whats up with the character, but you're gorgeous *__*

tenren Amazing!!!