Avatar: The Last Airbender

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First attempt at cospaly. Took about one month to finish with the help and sewing machine from my friend's sister. Although i am content with how it turned out i still want to finish it by getting or making pants that are the actual color and his boots.


@Avatar Alvaang
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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Aang


Avatar Alvaang Thank you so much! and u shouldve said hey pika! I love ur naruto cosplays!

PikachuRepublic Saw you this year ~ You were the best Aang ever ~ ! <3

Kamira-san Sweet! an Aang cosplay! You did a great job! :D

ChibiLi Man I love this cosplay! How do you do the markings? Its so well-done! And I agree this is one of the best Aang cosplays ever x3

Avatar Alvaang aww Thanks both of you guys! And yeah now that u mention it i do see more girls do Aang (online) but yes i do love Aang so much he is my 2nd favorite character ( Toph is my 1st fav =D ) It would be awesome if i could join your group! Maybe one day when i go to a con in the east coast!

kiyoshi_shiro You are the best Aang I've seen yet! :D There's just not enough Aangs, at least that are guys and legit like him, so, good job! ^^ I wish you went to the same cons my Avatar group attends ;o; We need an Aang!

BeatrizRachel You look just like Aang! great job!

Avatar Alvaang Thanks guys! Means a lot to me!!

KittyKax Whoa you look just like him!!! X3

anime_wench Yay! There needs to be more Aangs out there! Great job! ^_^

Avatar Alvaang Thanks guys!! :)

Koria very cool! Nice job ^.^

Hynoxolus Good Aang!

Liliana Wow, this is awesome! I think you look like him! ^_^

Narnian Nice cosplay. There aren't very many Aangs out there. You did a great job.