Dragon Ball



This is taken from an artwork that was first published in vol. 10 of the Japanese Dragon Ball manga.

Dragon Ball was one of my first manga - lots of fond memories! In my mind, Bulma will always have purple hair - not teal / turquoise as in the anime ^.^

I made this costume for a photoshoot with Niklas Liebig of www.nebenzimmer.de - he'd told me about the location (a clay mine that is open to visitors and fossil collectors on the weekends), and I thought this would be the perfect outfit to shoot there.

The costume was fun to make because I could recycle various found objects: safety goggles, motocross gloves, knee pads, hiking boots, a toy gun... However, my favorite parts are the home-made patches and the wig; it started out as a light purple wig and I dyed it more of a dirty purple shade to match the color in the artwork.

Cost: EUR 130 / ~ US$ 170


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Series Dragon Ball
Character Bulma
Variant Indiana Jones / manga artwork


Vicky.Bjorn Oh my god those pictures are great. This is Bulma's best outfit

katrinkleeblatt I really like how the pics came out in the shoot^^

Mahato Shey-Kun Very cool!