Kiku-Kousei as Issun



Wandering Artist Issun x 1000

Cosplayer: Kiku-Kousei
Well where to start...Well for one I realized that upon this costume's debut I wore Issun's sword on the WRONG SIDE!!! (I recently looked at my reference pictures, and realized he was wearing his sword on his right side, implying that Issun is left-handed.) I hope to take a few more pictures of this cosplay in the future, as I have a friend who enjoys photography, and I will be sure to amend this mistake. LOL

As for this costume I used a kimono pattern (specifically Simplicity 4080) and shortened the length and eliminated the sleeves. I used the darts for the sleeves as a marker where to start sewing the side seams, but beforehand added some interface on the edge of the shoulder-line, to make the edge stiffer, and stand out more. Viola! Sleeveless kimono!
I used some scrap fabric to make a belt.
For the cape and boot covers I used the Wonder Woman pattern (Simplicity 1024). The boot covers I skipped a bunch of steps, but also messed up a couple. It's simple to tweak, but I had less than a week to finish, and literally gave myself two days to finish the cape and boots.

As for the sword, I had to make a prop following Tora-Con standards, so I took a large wrapping paper roll, a paper towel roll, and stuffed them both with paper to make them stiff, used model magic for the other pieces (blade guard and brush tip) and covered the blade guard, scabbard, and handle with paper mache.

The hat was similar to how I made the Casshern helmet, but I used a children/adult toy construction hat as a base. I also attached a Styrofoam wreath base to help keep an even shape, then added some foam over the extended form before adding aluminum foil to prevent denting. The whole process took a couple of days, and made the entire hat weigh at least 3 lbs (1.36 kg)! Since I made the helmet first, I seriously would wear this helmet for 5 minutes, then 30 minute sessions before the convention just to build up my neck was worth it. :)