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This was my final costume of the year and also my 100th costume, so I wanted to go all out. I used 4 different types of fabrics including dupioni, shantung and bridal satin. I wanted the accent portions to have texture but not necessarily patterning, which is why I went with the silk-look. Also very Asian-inspired, much like the art itself.

Instead of making individual pink triangles for the trim, I bought pink lace trim that came to points and then hand-sewed the bells onto them. The costume has a total of over 200 bells.

The train alone is 3 yards, fully lined (so technically six yards of fabric). The skirts are 8 yards each, and hemmed in lettuce edge style for some flounce. I already owned the petticoats worn under it (2 A-lines). The hardest part of the dress was patterning the sleeves.

The wig is bought, from ebay, but I made the flower crown. The tassels are hand-dyed and looped myself.

I bought 18 yards of the pale pink (near-white) bridal satin (I got it for a steal on ebay) and at the end of it all the dress has approximately 30 yards of fabric (counting the lining), 10 yards of lace trim and almost 50 yards of gold trim. I bought 25 yards but it wasn't nearly enough so I ended up having to buy some other trims to finish out the belt and tabards as I had gotten the original trim from Korea and didn't have time to get more shipped to me.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura
Variant Cherry Blossom Cover


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