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I saw a drawing of Thug Moon on tumblr ( and thought that'd be a great costume to put together for a con. It got amazing reception, too!
I bought the wig from eBay and restyled it to fit my head. The earrings, odango covers and brooch were from Etsy. I already had a white T-shirt and belt and the blue pants were $10 from Charlotte Russe. I made the scarf and the bows out of Kona cotton from Hobby Lobby. I also painted moons on the scarf with white Neopaque paint (seriously, that stuff's the best fabric paint on earth XD) I already had the red shoes but I painted a stripe on the tongues and glued a moon to them. I bought some fingerless gloves on eBay and painted the cuffs red with red Neopaque. The tattoo arm was a lucky find on eBay for 99 cents. The sunglasses and fake cigarettes added that extra tough-guy touch I was looking for!
The gun was a last-minute thing but I just bought a toy gun from Family Dollar, spray painted it white and then added accent colors, wings, and a Sculpey moon on the front (it makes shooting sounds, too!)
The con pictures I took have me looking really monotonous and boring, but when I finally get a shoot of this costume, that will change :D Thug Moon will definitely see another convention in the future.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino
Variant Thug/Mafia version


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