Uchiha Sasuko




This is a dress I commissioned from Antiquity back in 2013, requesting that she use the exactly same style as her original Sasuke Lolita maid (back in 2008) except with different colors. As usual, she did a great job!

Shoes are platform purple ones (that I wore under leg warmers) with cute little unicorns on them purchased from Hot Topic.

Lace gloves I bought from a vendor at ALA 2013

Sasuke's sword was purchased from a vendor at ALA 2014

I also had a blue umbrella and jewelry, of which I don't quite remember where I purchased them from.

The wig I got from cosplaywig on eBay, thankfully the base wig was pre-styled so that was awesome!


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Created 4 years ago
Series Naruto
Character Uchiha Sasuko
Variant Maid Lolita


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