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World of Warcraft



My brother got me into WoW when I was about 14 years old.
At first I watched him play (yeah I'm weird, I enjoy watching people playing games), then he let me create my own character on his account and after a while he got me the game for my birthday (and game cards on several occasions).
I loved it so much and spent way too much time playing.
I don't play anymore simply because of lack of time due to university, but it's okay.
My first character was alliance but I soon switched over to horde.
I've tried a few different classes but somehow I always end up with mages (just like in the elder scrolls.. or basically any other game that gives you the choice xD), I just love them.

So who is a better choice for the very first time of armor-crafting than Jaina?
All the fabric-parts were sloppily done in one night because a friend spontaneously asked me to go to the Role Play Convention Cologne 2014 on the next day so yeah, all nighter xD

the ironbark staff was made out of pvc pipes, insulation foam and worbla and can be detached into 4 parts,


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