Commander Shepard

Mass Effect



A comfy and easy costume planned for working Artist Alley tables in, especially for sci-fi-based ones. Since Shepard is customizable thus saving me a lot of time with hair and makeup, and no way could I sit at a table in armour, annnnd her casual outfits are comfy.... well, no brainer. This is probably the "least made" costume I have.
So, outfit is:
-Hair; Using my own. Fortunately I already like red, and my own style's not too dissimilar. But for bad-hair-days/haven't kept a similar enough style to the game options, I use my red Talia wig with some restyling.
-N7 Hoodie; Bought from the Bioware store. T-shirt underneath, I already had from my closet. The neckline isn't a crew neck, but I have a weird thing where I CAN NOT wear crew neck shirts.
-Jeans: I looked for months to find the exact white-topstitched indigo wash of jeans she's wearing, but it seems as usual, you miss the trend where it's EVERYWHERE by a season. With time running out I had to settle for solid black Ardene skinny jeans, thanks to having a gift card that made them technically free.:P
Chap-pouch thing worn overtop: The only thing actually made by me. Pattern self-drafted and made from black denim, silver trim/piping made from shiny silver bias tape. The outer trim looks great but the inner, which I had to trim lengthwise to be the same size as the outer trim, frays like crazy. So I'm going to need to douse it in fraycheck before the con. Likewise with cut ends on the seams- CRAZY fraying. The "fly" closes with hooks and eyes. I'm going to make a slightly better one in the future, due to the frayability of the trim in places, and having had to add a panel in at the front "fly" pieces after somehow having my draft come up too short (it's barely noticeable, but still...)
Boots: Fortunately I saved my old combat boots from my rivethead fashion days. My boyfriend got them to a lovely like-military shine again.
Scars: Not too nuts since I don't want to scare normies en route to the con. I use a nude lipliner pencil and a thin, slightly smudged line of red eye/lip liner overtop. My Shepard is actually a mega-Paragon but you can't see the dang things when you're that much of a goody goody. :P


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Series Mass Effect
Character Commander Shepard
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