Qurupeco Blademaster

Monster Hunter Tri



I met my husband on Monster Hunter way back in 2005, so this costume meant a lot to me. It was incredible to go on stage with him for the first time wearing these costumes. I love you, Dreblin!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The leather headband was a random find. I had it lying around the house for months before I even thought of making this costume, haha!
- I purchased fake butterflies from the craft store to accessorize my "weapon" and headband, but they were completely destroyed at the con. Rest in pieces, my little bugs.
- The pink wig was purchased online.
- The orange bandana and white turtleneck were purchased at the thrift store.
- The green "cape" was handmade out of long pile faux fur. Purple feather trim was hot-glued along the bottom. The cape is sewn in a ring, so I just throw it over my head - no attachments needed.
- The "vest" was handmade using the same faux fur and trim. I used knitted elastic and snaps to close the vest in front. This method kept the vest open while still maintaining its shape.
- The light blue crest in front was made using two layers of craft felt and craft foam for the diamond-shaped details. The craft foam was painted a lighter shade of yellow on one side to match the in-game design. The crest attaches to the front via snaps. There is an identical crest on the back.
- The cuffs on the upper arms are made of knitted elastic wrapped in light blue fabric. As with the crests, the diamonds were cut out and painted craft foam. The leg cuffs were made the same way. Both pairs attach with velcro.
- The arm warmers were handmade by layering cream fur, olive fur, and feather trim. The fur is sewn together while the feather trim was glued on. I purchased purple flowers at the craft store and attached them to the back. There is a knitted elastic along the top of the arm warmers to help keep them up. They simply slide up to wear!
- The brown gloves were purchased at a nearby clothing store.
- The belt is actually three belts sewn together. I purchased one to fit my waist and two larger ones to cross along the sides. They are attached to the sides of the main belt using suede string.
- The pouch on the back started out as a large wallet. I glued small pieces of suede string to the edges to create a "sewn together" look and sculpted a silver medallion out of polymer clay to act as its clasp. I took one of the purple feathers from my trim and painted the top of it green using flexible fabric paint for an added detail under the medallion.
- The light blue plates on my sides were made the exact same way as the crests. They attach to the belt via snaps.
- The skirt was, of course, made using the olive fur fabric and purple feather trim. No elastic here though - the belt holds it up just fine! I used a single snap on the side to prevent it from slipping out of place though.
- The leg warmers were made using the same method as the arm warmers, only with added details. The trim along the top was made using faux leather fabric and snaps into place under the fur.
- Painted feathers were glued along a strip of the faux leather fabric and sewn to the side of the leggings. The flexible fabric paint allowed the feathers to brush up against things without becoming cracked or damaged - it worked quite well!
- The shoes are actually super-comfortable slippers! I just wish they weren't lined with fur on the inside - this costume is warm enough as it is!

If you have any questions about this costume (or my husband's Blademaster costume), feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!


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