Pokemon diamond, Pearl, platinum



That to say to part that it as for myself caught the eye to me!

- 1: I like thePokemon universe
- 2: it is the only female champion! (Iris is a little girl)
- 3: her story is interesting and she's important and not only she is sturdy!
- 4: it is another blonde XD

Rather simple costume: a pants suit and a black top and tadaa!
Yes but here is it was necessary that I created a pattern for her long coat (of which the fur in broken one of the parts of my machine!)
made the jewels in resin and model magic.
Shoes are customized with the bias golden vinyl

And I don't speak about the wig....
A long extra wig that is easily find, of quality, a little less often but the accurate color then ....

I searched for a long time before finding what I am looking for, and by hoping that the photo is not false compared with what I was going to receive; all in all it was good that, I had only to beat it and to cur) the front locks unsing curlers and of gel


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Series Pokemon diamond, Pearl, platinum
Character Cynthia


~H~ Excellent cosplay! I love your big plush *_*.