Captain America

Formal Avengers by Kelsey Michelle



The entire dress is made from red, white, and blue taffeta. I used a Vogue 1094, a 1955 reprint pattern, for the base of the bodice and modified it accordingly. The bodice and skirt are separate for ease of wear. For the bodice, I sectioned and paneled the stripes while keeping the original pattern's darts. It was a little tricky to proportion the stripes correctly and took a couple tries. The bodice is fully lined with blue taffeta and the bottom edge bound with the same. I wanted it to look as seamless as possible next to the skirt. The skirt is a simple full circle skirt with a waistband. I used a 1/8" hemming foot for the hemming process. It was a learning experience to say the least, but cut my sewing time in half.
Finally, the shoes were a thrift store find were painted to match. All the stars were a lucky thrift store find, painted to match, and attached to the bodice and hair piece via clear cording. In addition, the hair piece was a small piece of tulle attached to a hair clip with a star on top. I changed the original design for this piece since I didn't love the look of the original nor thought it fit Capt. America's character well. I went with the design I did because it vaguely mimics his original helmet's wings.


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Series Formal Avengers by Kelsey Michelle
Character Captain America


_aires_ oooh lovely costume <3