Alice Liddell

Alice: Madness Returns



Percentage finished:
Outfit: 100%
Teapot Cannon: 50%
Vorpal Cleaver: 100%

Personal thoughts: I've always loved the Alice games and was so excited when a sequel finally arrived! I always figured I would cosplay one of her alternate outfits rather than her blue dress, but in the end the classic look won me over. ♥ I'm so excited to finally be cosplaying her! I thought this would be a fairly cheap cosplay, just a dress and apron right? Wrong. Leave it to me to turn something so simple into my big cosplay of the year. lol

Construction notes: The blue dress is made from semi-stretchy fabric so it's pretty easy to move in. The skirt part was cut in a circular shape so there's no gathers around the waist. It has an invisible zipper in the back, even though you can't see it because of the apron. I used embroidery thread around the bottom of the skirt for the long stitches. The petticoat is also sewn into the waist so I'll have one less extra piece to wear. The apron is made of a nice textured fabric which closely resembles her apron texture in the HD cover image. It's double layered so it's not see-through, and the stitches around the edges and pockets was done with white embroidery thread by hand, and each stitch was measured. The symbols on the pockets were painted with fabric paint, and the blood on the apron was done with regular acrylic paint. The necklace charm was made out of sculpey clay and painted silver. The boots are a Christmas present and came from the ebay store, Wig Fashion.

Wig info:
brand: Arda Wigs
color: Natural Black
Style: The Dude

Prop info:
Teapot Cannon: The Teapot Cannon is my favorite weapon in the game, so I really wanted to have it with my costume! It's still in progress, but so far it's been made from a trick or treat basket, which was then wrapped with cross-stitching sheets to make the tall top, then the whole thing was covered in paperclay. The designs were cut from foamie sheets and glued in place.
Vorpal Cleaver: I drew out the size and shape of the blade, then my friend Mookie cut the blade for me out of wood. It was then painted grey and coated in metallic silver. The decor on the top corner was drawn on paper to use as a stencil, then painted so each side matches. The handle was made from air dry clay and the raised design was done with puffy paint, which was then completely painted over with black and antique gold acrylic paint. Sadly it didn't have enough time to thoroughly dry before OhayoCon, and the handle cracked pretty badly there. But a little hot glue fixed it pretty good for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll leave it as is or try to remake the whole handle now. It doesn't look bad at all, so I might leave it. I like how it turned out. <3


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Series Alice: Madness Returns
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