Mizuno Ami

Sailor Moon



Wow, Ami... I talked a friend about doing this dress literally FOR YEARS, but I never got around actually making it until summer 2013. The dress definitely needs some fixing before the next wear (eg. adjusting the fitting of the upper part and tightening the elastic band around the waist), but overall it's a pretty fun costume to wear!

- The dress is made of polyester and is fully lined. The hem is a full circle skirt. I happened to find the blue fabric at a discount, which saved me a big penny! I wasn't as lucky with the rest of the fabrics, though... ^^;
- The shoes are a lucky discovery from eBay. They're a bit too large, so I definitely need to add insoles for future wears.
- The blue belt was purchased from eBay. It was tricky to find an accurate buckle that would fit the belt, but in the end I managed to find a perfect match at a local flea market.
- The wig was purchased from Arda and modified. I absolutely love to work with Arda's heat-resistant wigs and really like the outcome!

Costume icon photo by J.Kameko.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Mizuno Ami
Variant Blue summer dress


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