Nagito Komaeda

Super Dangan Ronpa 2



I finished SDR2 about a week before AnimeNEXT and of course wanted to cosplay my favorite character! So I threw this together in about one sleepless week.

I cut into a pair of loafers and and sewed two zippers each into them and stitched the elasticized tab on top to the rest of the shoe. I drew the line at the bottom of the zippers with sharpie fabric marker. The zippers are fully functional!

I drew the tshirt design on with sharpie fabric marker, nothing special.

The coat is a medium weight twill and I drafted the pattern. The entire thing is lined except for the sleeves, including the hood. There is elastic sewn into the back panel to make the back drape the way it does in the ref image and I sewed extra facing fabric into the cuffs to avoid showing the raw hems when I rolled the sleeves up. There are also darts in the sides and underarms to make the coat roomier - it fits like a glove now because of them! The pockets are big and functional, too! I'm really proud of the zipper...

The designs on the front and hood are freehand painted with acrylics in varying dilutions to get the shading right, and the back 55 design was painted with the use of a stencil, making sure to distress it like in the game! I faked out the drawstring in the hood, it doesn't go all the way around. I dyed some rope red and cut tiny slits into the hood and stitched them in.

The wig is two Arda Magnum Long wigs sewn together. I completely gutted one wig and hand sewed the wefts doubled up on their matching wefts to the other wig. It took me about 20 hours. There's no hairspray or glue in it because I need to work in some pinks and silvers before I style it properly, but it stays amazingly fluffed up with just a little teasing!

Some grey contacts and eyebrow painting finished it off. I'm actually really proud of my makeup for this cosplay, I look like I'm sick and dying which is exactly the mood I was going for.

Photo credit to melshardae on tumblr


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