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A friend and I had been thinking a while how to pull off what I call a "regeneration mishap" of the Doctor. That is, a composite of a signature part of each Doctor's outfits into one cosplay.

So far, I've only made one that mixes the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Now I'm figuring out the rest.

Here's a list that I have so far:

First - Pants or hair?
Second - Recorder
Third - Cape
Fourth - Scarf
Fifth - Celery lapel
Sixth - Over the top Jacket, bow or vest?
Seven - Umbrella
Eighth - Fob watch?
War - Bandolier
Ninth - Leather Jacket
Tenth - Shoes
Eleventh - Fez
Twelfth - Angry eyebrows >:( lol


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