Rohan Kishibe

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure



I won't lie if I tell that Rohan is my all-time favourite character from JJBA (and Josuhan is our all-time favotite ship). Camui and I just adore cosplaying Josuke and Rohan together and have a lot of plans for future costumes and performances. Maybe this costume is not the best one Rohan has but we love 'Highway Star' arc so much we decided to start from this variant. I've had one performance and a couple of photoshoots with this cosplay but it's not the limit cause Josuhan always inspires us to create more and more!

Defile video [December 2017]:


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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Rohan Kishibe


gypsy_girl I love these pictures. They are so much fun.