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***No 23
****Date: 2016 - 2017
** Cons: LBM 2016 (Sa), Anime Marathon 2017 (Sa), Cosday 2017 (Sa), Connichi 2017 (Sa)
* More photos an (german) details:

PLEASE WATCH my Preview Video:

Series 3: 8/8
Time: 2 years, many days always again a few hours.
Cost: 151 €

Name: Scarlet O'Hara
Birthday: 3 November
Age: 14
Size: 1,62m
Weight: 45kg

For this Cosplay, I wanted to let myself a lot of time, so that it finally becomes really robust and not so easily broken as the others. I would not have thought that it would end so long. But was already lagged, I the cosplay after the LBM 2016 again. Then it is 2017 first times quickly an age weakness died, but now it seems to hold finally ^ ^

1. Reason
Red is and will simply be my favorite cosplay color *languid* Here it is the red hair I liked.
I do not like her character, but she also has her charm and in the end, the wedding peach Outfits are all so great *. *

2. Series
To the series, I have already omitted in the description of Daisy:

3. Templates
Were very hard to get because Scarlet is not just the main character. Most pictures are like dead. Tiny, that you can see no details, or only cut-outs.

I. Duration
In the beginning, 2015, I worked a lot at a time and got the armor quickly finished. We are not finished until 2016. At that time only the diadem and the sword were missing, but I wanted to test it. I have noticed a few more details. However, I have times here half an hour and there 1 hour worked. It has then really drawn and a bit it is synonymous to my nerves xD

II. Material
a) available
Satin white
Satin purple
Transparent carrier
velcro fastener
Lack of gold and silver
Spray white
Chopping / closing
Material for green stone
leg band
acrylic paint
spray filler

b) purchased
Worbla's finest art ......... 20,77 € (proportionate rest)
Shoes ............................ 31,89 € MyTraumschuh Jumex High Heels Ankle Boots
Vlieseline ......................... 2,00 € The small fabric store Vlieseline S 520 (proportionate)
Body Purple ................... 10,75 € (ebay) Strappy sleeveless undershirt
Wig .......................... 12,47 € Yahee (ebay) Langahaar rotting
Wig ................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ........................
Fabric purple ...................... 4,35 € Unico Stoffladen Buxheim
Wrong wig ........... 4,80 € Qubeat
Velcro closure .............. 5,00 € Short dress shop Stenn
Clear lacquer .......................... 8,25 € Construction market
Acrylic paint white ............. 2,99 €
Metal strip .................... 5,89 € Construction market
Salvia flowers (3 x) ......... 18,62 € (15,40 £) Dekoflora Artif8icial Salvia Plant Red SC68 R2) from GB
Total ............................ 151,58 €

III. construction
A) Sewing
1. Body and wearer
The body I bought and then changed. As always with such things I have reduced the button closure in step and the edges round, so that it does not rub the legs. The carriers were cut off and replaced by transparent carriers. For this I am synonymous synonymous passue hook worried to hang the carrier. The hooks have not held and have become the vehicle on ground-age brittle. In addition, I fixed the Velcro fastener, the carrier was destroyed. Also, never prefer plastic / polyester tacks.
In the end, I covered the wearer with an old skin-colored pantyhose and sewed to the body.
Velcro fasteners are sewn onto the body and the straps, and part of them are tacked on, so that the armor parts can be fastened. Most of the time I take the tacker out of laziness, but that destroys the material more than it holds. Tacking is not recommended, or very little.

2nd rocking
The skirt is a simple pleated skirt from a long rectangle. It is important that you have a fabric web that is long enough, because the folds scary eerie the meter. If you have sewn one or two wrinkles, this is no longer a problem. The Velcro fastener is glued here and sewn on, depending on what kind was left. For fabric, of course, the variant to be sewn is preferable. Because of my wide hip, I need a closure of the skirt. This time I put it on the side, where later the bags hang over it. In addition, the press buttons are sewn in a fold so that they disappear well and it looks as if the skirt were one piece. The length of the skirt is the same (the width of the fabric strip), because the length can be matched to the belt, depending on where the skirt is fastened.

2. Shoes
As usual, it takes a while to find the shoes in a suitable form. In the original were still leather parts on the shoes, which I simply cut off, because I had to put the Lila part anyway. I sprayed the sole with blue lacquer as a precaution. Why blue? That was left to fit with Lila.
I still had two purple fabric remnants which, superimposed, gave the right color. First I made stencils out of old paper and sewed parts from the fabric. I have glued these items to the heel and the visible sole so that the shoes look exactly as on the original. With "Superkleber" Loctide42, for example, also holds this strain. The upper purple part I also made according to a suitable template from the two fabrics, which gave the appropriate color. Although the cuffs are very tightly sewn, I have additionally fleeced Vlieseline on the back, so that everything is already stiff at the foot. At the thinnest point in the front, two press buttons and at least two hooks are sewn per shoe. The hooks should reduce the pressure and the press buttons hold the cuff together. In any case, everything must be sewn very neatly to keep it. It is also important to find the right spot so that the top of the boots disappears and it looks like a whole shoe.
Yes, I thought about the shoes the most and these were due to the effort also first (2015). So far the effort has paid off, it looks great and keeps as expected. As always, the shoes have not become quite symmetrical, but this does not normally fall to xD

B) Armor
1. Leg strap
I took the same from Daisy, because it broke then and had to be done again. However, I have not managed to get the pattern from one piece, because the moss rubber plates were not large enough and the paper for the surface also not. In the end, I just had my nose full and so relaxed. You use quite a lot of material and you can not just start as often.

2. Belts and bags.
The Cosplay should be made entirely from Worbla's finest kind. I've never used the material and just wanted to try it out. In 2015 I had begun with it and meanwhile I would do a lot differently. However, there is so much work in the armor that I can not start again from the beginning.
As always, I made a stencil of cardboard or paper. This is where I measure the proportions and the form and fit it to my body.
When working with Worbla's, I immediately made sure that the closure of the belt is at the side, where later the bags hang over it. Unfortunately, the tip has become somewhat bent and too long, so I can not sit normally.
The bags are from Wobla's, instead of real bags, to try out the material.
Even though I made the bags smaller again, after they were formed from Worbla's, they are still too big. The templates were not clear and probably only in direct comparison with the template.
Painting: First I made everything from Wobla's and finally painted with golden spray varnish. Since the edges have become very flat, I have shaded them with a dark bronze and made them more three-dimensional. The tip came from a workshop. Works very well. Finish with clear lacquer, if possible several times, varnish.
The skirt is fastened with velcro to Worbla's after everything has been painted. So the skirt can not slip and I have set the correct length. In addition, the skirt should not look beyond it or do something else.
The pockets are attached to the belt with Velcro closure. At the same time, I had to admit that the self-adhesive velcro closure is not compatible with the golden spray varnish, but replaces it. Even the clear coat of lacquer must be very thick, so that the velcro fastenes with it instead of detaching it. Due to the curvature, the pockets are hardly attached to the belt. Incidentally, they are bent up like a hook, so I can hang them in the belt. Unfortunately this does not hold at all, especially when sitting, it is problematic because of its size, that is, they fall off.
Finally, I sewed a skirt with a rubber on the skirt. On the bag is attached afterwards (because it was already painted) with hot glue a hoeing. The bag is hung with the hook into the rubber loop. This will pull the bag down. Is difficult to explain, one must show. In any case, so keep the bags very well ... if the hooks held on the belt. I have intentionally used hot glue, so that the Worbla's softened at the place and the hook, despite painting, still something in the belt presses. Does not work so completely, and one of the hook always falls off after heavy load. It would be best to incorporate the hooks into the Wobla before painting.
After countless repairs, it still seems to hold and even go down and grow.

3. Chest and shoulder
The shape of the chest and the parts for the upper armor were the heaviest since I had no experience in molding with thermoplastic materials. How many times have I asked myself if you get it without burning your fingers (you have to form it hot O.o). Here I felt that I had no time pressure. Again I have designed the right shape with paper stencils and created the brustration with a lot of patience and spit. Unfortunately, I came up with the idea to use NO lock, but to form a whole. You can simply pull over the shoulders. Yes, I can put it on and take off, but in practice it is very difficult and it took many attempts to find a technique to wear the armor alone.
This time I immediately thought of incorporating two metal eyelets, where the shoulder parts would have to be attached later.
The armor is attached to the body with Velcro. In order for the proportions to be correct, I wear the breast part very far up. My actual bosom is not at all in the curves, but depends on it far. With an adhesive bra, my bosom is fixed and a little flattened. He does not slip down through the straps. This makes my upper body look much longer and the proportions better match the anime figure. Since Salvia has no cut-out and (due to her age) no decollete shows, I can adjust my proportions very well. So I'm very satisfied.
Painting: Again I sprayed with gold lacquer. Then stick the part and paint the white part. First I painted the bosom with white acrylic, so it covers and white. After that, I sprayed on spray paint on it, so that the brush strokes no longer looks.
This went quite well, if not ...
When I then pulled the crepe tape from the taped spots, the same color went with. What the fuck????? There were two possibilities: gold to first, this masking and then white, or the other way round. It just was not, the crepe tape has the same detached color. Finally, I have the part of the tape should be painted (mostly the gold) also the same multi-layer varnished. The lacquer did not replace itself. I must admit, then I became panicky. I wanted to spray, but without masking is not.
In the end, I had to do the whole thing twice, because after the first appearance on the LBM 2016 the lacquer in the eyelets had rubbed through the shoulder parts. Seen from close up, it looks very unclean, because you see a few yellow noses from the varnish. But for this the color does not rub anymore.
So slowly I was then annoyed.

Also for the shoulder parts I made paper stencils. It was not easy to find the right proportions, because the templates were again not clear.
The template was too small and the part from Worbla's too big. Although I have reduced the shoulder parts again, they have become much too big in the front view. The proportions are the same, for in most pictures the tip almost goes to the elbow flexion. Something smaller would have been better in the end ...
Forming was again the most difficult and the spiral pattern had it all. I even made the reverse on the back: so a punched instead of stuck out ... on the right. But otherwise the height is just right, so you can see it.
Here, too, after painting, I applied the gold / silver spray varnish to the elevations / recesses with a darker color so that it does not look so flat.
As already mentioned, the shoulder parts are fastened to the breast part with a hook. To prevent them slipping from the shoulders, they are fastened to the straps with Velcro closure. However, they still slide down a bit and in front of the photo they have to be moved to their necks so that the proportions fit again. They were too heavy for the plastic carriers, but they were much better at the fabric carriers.

4. Bracelets and collar
Finally what simple, what I already knew. I made the stencils out of paper because I did not know the trick with the foil and the tape.
As already mentioned, everything is shaped out of Worbla and was not so difficult. The closures are with Velcro and there was once again the problem that the adhesive of the Velcro has dissolved the spray lacquer when too little clear lacquer over it.
Again, the edges have been highlighted with bronze (old GDR bronze from my Papi xD).
Here it turned out that Worbla's is too hard and very pinched on the neck and the joints. The next time I will try other material, which is softer.
I still had the stone on the neckband in my Bastelarsenal.

5. Stone
I'm going to sort the stone at this point, because it sticks on the armor. From one piece I cut an oval, filling wool on it and covered with fabric. Why? Pouring is too much for me, and so slowly was my patience at the end. Also, I had already tried with Daisy and that looked good ^ ^
I just painted the fabric version of the stone with acrylic paint until it had the right color and the fabric had already become solid xD
At the end still quite chic with clear lacquer until it shines beautifully and reflects like a precious stone. Hach, how nice when something is easy ^. ^
The Worbla's I adjusted before the varnishing to the stone, so I only need to glue it. Unfortunately, it has somehow deformed and the many seams and knots on the back does not fit quite. The stone is unfortunately a bit off. But one does not seem to notice how the construction is.

The biggest problem is that the varnish always rubs off at certain points. You probably need to apply at least 7 layers (as described on the lacquer box).

IV. Wig
The first purchase was a total miscarriage, the picture did not match the actual wig. With this reason, the wig returned and the money was reimbursed to me.
At the beginning it was planned that Lacus makes the wedding dress version and we have searched for wigs. After all, I've bought her and bought it from me. It was, of course, much better: the volume was gigantic and the color and curl shape came closest to it. Only she was much too long. I carefully shaved the wig and put it in the right cut. Actually, she is still too long, but I'm just afraid to mess her up when I cut it. With hot water and curlers I have still shaped the big waves. From my cheap wig I cut out the tresses and sewn into the few free spots of the good wig. The work was very laborious, but the color is no longer so bright and the wig is still a tad full ^ ^
The wig is very good and almost does not fit, or can be combed. Mainly the strands are from the cheap wig.
I also have two strands, which should hang over the ear and fixes them with hair gel. With lots of hair gel and long wait until everything dries, one even gets the pony. On the LBM 2016 I succeeded. Unfortunately, I have come up with the idea to wash the Peru. Did work, but since then I had not again the muse to shape the pony .... next time ^ .-

V. Accessories
A) Earrings
... are simply sprayed / painted with the same gold color. However, it does not hold very well and the color quickly takes off. Since the earrings but hardly noticeable, I do nothing more.

B) Sword

C) Diadem

D) Sage
Salvia is the Latin name of the sage and the fire in particular was assigned to the character. The flower I knew even from the time of my gardening education, there Salvia splendens is a popular ornamental plant.
On the Internet, there are almost all ornamental plants as an artificial flower, so I went to the search and found nothing. The normal purple sage is there, but no fire * stare *
After I finally tried the English term to google, also sage flowers appeared under which even a very authentic flowering was.
So it came that I have imported 3 flowers for a lot of money from the UK. Help! But it was worth it, the flowers are fantastic
5. Repair:
On the LBM 2016 still missing the sword and the diadem, but it was good to carry the Cosplay sample. According to the LBM:
- Repaint the chest part, because the white paint rubbed off.
- Apply more clear lacquer, because it rubs off.
- Fasten the Velcro fasteners better if necessary
- Fasten skirt with more Velcro fastener

After the Anime Marathon 2017:
... the carriers had to be replaced. Due to the tacking (and because of their age), the plastic carriers have been torn.
Clear lacquer I applied again, there can never be enough layers.

and so on ... * sigh *

For a performance at the Cosplay Contest, the cosplay is far too uncomfortable and unstable.
For this I have left me with the preview video correctly:

This point I should omit, because my opinion changes over time.
First I am annoyed, because it is so long draws and always something broken. The cosplay hangs out of my mouth. However, I still like it so much to get up for a shoot. Great photos are also the best reward. After a successful shoot and a nice day with a friend I find the Cosplay great. Above all when no repairs are necessary to attract it as often as desired. Depending on the mood I like my cosplay more or less.
On Salvia I am proud, even if I would make a lot better now. But for my first Worbla's Cosplay I am very satisfied. It is unfortunately somewhat uncomfortable and I can (still?) Not loose in it move and everything is stiff.

My dream is to find even more Wedding Peach Cosplayers and maybe get a big group like 2013 together. Perhaps then also someone under it other outfits from Wedding Peach with me to shape.
That would be very nice.


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