Silent Hill 2



Silent Hill is one of my most beloved video game series of all time, and Maria is a character extremely dear to my heart. I've always wanted to cosplay her, and I'm working on plans to try out the official game version next summer (yay!), but I wanted to try a different approach first by switching the white and pink colour scheme to something I'm more familiar with: black and red. There are a few details I've annexed completely for this costume (the chain belt on her skirt, and the teal belt right at the top of her skirt). Other things were simply switched to better suit me: the pearl-drop cameo choker instead of the original, a longer black vest instead of a shorter spaghetti strap one, a longer wig instead of a shorter one, different make up (mine here is slightly heavier than anything I can detect on Maria in game). There are still ideas I'm formulating to come back and add to this costume.


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Series Silent Hill 2
Character Maria
Variant Red Leopard Print


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